Hunting for responsive WooCommerce theme that has variable image sizes and captions in archive catalogue

I’m fruitlessly searching for a responsive WooCommerce theme that will allow me to display my product images (both on the catalogue and category pages, as well as the single product pages) in their original size / aspect ratio - preferably in a masonry grid.

All the themes that I can find seem to use catalogue images that are cropped square or cropped to portrait. I have some portrait images and some landscape images and some square images, all of which need to be shown in their native ratio, ideally with some captions / custom fields underneath them.

This is the look we are trying to achieve:

Something like this?

Any theme what you take you will need customize and hire someone to make that. You will not all what you want out of box.

Hi @kleinimaging

Thanks for the link Zaccc, but all of the images in that masonry and grid layout are the same size and shape, which means that wordpress / prettyphoto is cropping the images… essentially what I’m looking for is a theme that over-rides WooCommerce’s feature of cropping the images, so that all the images stay the same shape as they were when I uploaded them.

Hi Aleksey, this isn’t what I’m looking for, but thanks anyway.

You have plenty options on Enfold about that. I have made at least 15 sites with that template.

That’s interesting, thanks Zaccc, do you have any links to sites that use this template options to create the sort of style I am looking for? Are these options which are available within the dashboard, or are they custom modifications to the templates / style sheets?

This setting is not theme!

This setting WooCommerce and WordPress


You can check more info on their page
They have own page builder and that options are in that page builder.

Thank you Aleksey, really helpful!!