Humbly requesting for feedback

Hi! I just want to know what you guys think of this? This is my first time using sampled libraries and mixing them in my bedroom.


Any feedback guys?

Hello, the main arpeggio is too monotonic and gets annoying after a while, also it sounds not realistic enough, it’s too obvious that you’ve used a midi instrument.

On 1:39 you need some kind of reversed riser, right now it sounds weird and awkward because all instruments stop at the same time and there’s no transitional effect to the breakdown. The breakdown is too empty, only piano sounds ‘naked’, you need to let something else play as well, like strings or a pad.

On 1:52 the strings are too loud and can be distracting for a listener, the whole point of this genre (Corporate) is to let the listener focus on the video (typically commercial). The strings sound too midi as well.

There’s lack of low end in the whole track. When working on a track, import a successful track by another author and constantly compare it to yours, your mistakes will be painfully obvious.

The overall mix needs a lot of work. I think you should try a different genre at first, I think it’ll be easier for you to try to compose a Folk, Acoustic track. Mixing it will be a lot easier. Corporate needs a perfect mix and lot of tweaking in order for it to be accepted by reviewers.

Good luck!

Hi ApollSounds. So I did your advice, I toned the instruments and just created a new arrangement. I also tried playing all the parts myself, as to reduce the midi-feeling effect.

What do you think of this?

Hi HBR_studio, It’s definitely better, but the guitar still sounds very midi. It’s because of it’s tone, you can’t fix that. Either you have to find a realistic midi or use a real guitar. It’s very hard to find a realistic acoustic guitar VST, though. Especially for arpeggios.


yes I am afraid I agree with @ApolloSounds, the tone of the “acoustic guitar” is not realistic and very “midi” like. It could be ok if in the background with some strumming, maybe, but here it is in the front position.

Thank you! I will try to find a guitar player for this, but really thank you. I guess I will be working on this genre first to improve my skills.