Humbled and excited to have an item become a "trendsetter" today!


I had 6 sales in two days on this item, and I couldn’t be happier! This means my item received “trendsetter” status, which is so freaking cool.

The track is called “Inspirational”:smile:

I’ve had music placed on TV and in films via other mediums, but I really believe that micro licensing is the future as more and more people have access to creating their own quality media to be shared via Youtube, Vimeo, and others. This is why I decided to come back to Audiojungle - they are leading the efforts in micro-licensing, and also are gaining a strong foothold in macro licensing.

Just wanted to share some motivation - worked hard on my tracks, and have had some rejected, but this one looks like it’s doing pretty good so far!

Has anyone else had similar trend-setting success or tracks they think are worthy? Please share below, I would love some more inspiration - I am extremely motivated to make a steady income stream on Audiojungle now and would love to take a look at what influences other artists on AJ

Happy Creating!


Congrats :tada:


My Congrats too!!!:slight_smile: Leave comment for you



Yeah, my latest track “Rockin’ The Dance Club” got me the “trendsetter” badge a couple days ago:

Here’s to hoping the sales keep up for both of us!

But @SoundBoys, while I have you here, I have to ask, how did you land the tv/film placements? Did you have a contact in advertising?


Great work! Congratulations :slight_smile:


great news. congrats! =)


The other placements were actually through other companies (with PRO) so I can not put those tracks up on AudioJungle - however, I think the future is going to be “micro-licensing” for web like AudioJungle and the business models will evolve to make it more fair for everyone.