Human Voice Timbre Changer


Dear friend, I am looking for VST plug-in to change human’s voice timbre. Can anyone help me?


Any kind of distortion would change the timbre, your DAW should have a native distortion plug-in. You can also do lots of different things with delays.


Thanks. I will try.


Logic has a vocoder and a formant shifting filter as well - dunno what DAW you use though


I use cubase and nuendo.


Or do you mean some kind of Auto-Tune VST software like"CHER".

There is a free version Gsnap:


Antares has the ultimate pack for vocal design, including throat modelation, mic mod, and mutator between others.
The cons, the price $300 =P


A free plug-in for Mac and Windows (VST / AU). Registration is required, but otherwise, no strings attached. Pitch shifter, delay, reverb, doubler + LFO additionally wind effect and “ghosts wailing”.