HUGE sales this December!!!

Wow, the demand for Christmas themed templates is HUGE this season!

We implemented a new strategy in our yearly production schedule and our sales increased by an amazing 100% compared to last December and it’s still going strong!

A special thanks to our wonderful customers for smashing sales records and to the talented team at Envato/Videohive for your amazing help all year long!

Have a Merry Christmas with a blessed and prosperous New Year!!! :slight_smile:


Well done Super_8!!!

Congratulations @SUPER_8. Wish you much more in next year as well :wink:

congrats, happy for you :wink: GL

That’s very smart of you! Need to plan something to target any of the upcoming holiday seasons since sales can drop drastically otherwise :slight_smile:

congrats @SUPER_8! :clap: :clap: :clap:


I’ll have to prepare for the next christmas season.