HUGE sales drawdown

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed huge sales drawdown on the current week. Do you experience the same? Last year there were no drawdown on Christmas week.

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It is a Christmas week

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Top seller projects have the very same amount of sales even on holidays. Difference can be 10-30 sales, but not 2.5 times lower of regular amount.

If you want, you can not believe me :wink:
Top-sellers have less sales from last week, this week’s performance you will be able to see only next Monday. Also google analytics clearly shows drop in page views:
Снимок экрана 2019-12-26 в 15.05.11

Someone can get more or less sales - that’s ok. You are not lucky this week, so my advice to chill and wait for January

Last year: 103 sales in 4 days on Christmas week. This year - 42 sales in the very same 4 days.
It’s 2.5 times lower sales. I’m ok that sales are lower this year (since October for some reason), but 5 sales on Thursday…

You were just lucky last year!

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Hm, maybe I was) Didn’t know that Christmas week is so… disappointing regarding sales.

You had quite fresh banger item that period of a time, so you are more like exclusion than a rule :slight_smile:

Well, that’s true. And I’m perfectly aware that holiday season isn’t great for sales, but still it was very good last year. But I guess you’re right, need to see next week results. They should be better)

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