HTML5 Template Hard-Rejected

I submitted my first template on Theme Forest but my item wasn’t approved. I have no idea why… Any suggestions what I did wrong? It was hard-rejected.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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I think thay you need more work and basic template but you need design some page homepage.


Thanks for your reply. Its a design issue? It’s a coming soon page, so, what you see on every option is the home page.

This is a variant:

Thanks in advance again.

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Yes, you design is wrong because need design more better homepage, as professional for example add more texts, background, etc.

Thank you. Got it now.

What do you recommend us to do? Can we reuse the actual animation effects, add more text, icons and re-submit? (I know that its a hard-reject) Maybe with another template name or thematic?

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You can see other design for example for give ideas,✓

Sure. Thank you very much.
Best regards.

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