HTML5 template hard rejected can tell me what is wrong ??

HTML5 template hard rejected can tell me what is wrong or reasons for rejection
Or some tips to avoid rejection??

Template link

Have you done any research on the market before starting?


What is the purpose of the research?

Are you going to make sure of a unique template
Yes a unique template

Unique is fine, but the web standard in the age we are living is not presented in your work. Thats why I asked if you have done any research on ThemeForest.

For example the typography is bad. Paragraphs where the font is small is hard to read. The spacing between elements is bad.

For Example:

The social icons are way too big and the color make them hard to see and the rotation is just strange look like broken. Some headings are in different color for some reason and also look broken. The main menu is not working.

Overall there is nothing premium in your template and don’t think I’m trying to insult or something, but there are free templates offering way more.

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No dear
thank you so much for this is task notes:rose::rose:
I’m just a newbie and new at ThemeForest.