HTML5 Tempate Hard Rejected Please Help

Hey Guys,this HTML5 template got hard rejected.
Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Demo Link:

Hi there:

Your html is hard rejected because:

You need learning more practice html5 for approved sell themeforest.

Regards. Happy year new (sorry for late) :slight_smile:

So why it’s PSD version get approved?

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Sorry because different reviewer opinion but not same reviewer and template my psd is approved (don chef) and html hard rejected but my other html are approved but you can create new psd and html maybe approved :slight_smile: regards.

p.s: sorry my english not speak for bad my write english, speak only spanish :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion we can reduce animation. but need to get response from any moderator to understood what’s wrong.

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Did you mention to the reviewer that the PSD was approved?

unfortunately approval on one category does not guarantee anything in another.

I can only see it on a mobile so it’s hard to compare to the PSD but there are some tweaks needed in mobile performance although I’m not sure these are grounds for hard rejection.

  • in some instances you show before/after cascaded on top of one another which is clear BUT there are several instances throughout where before/after sliders or other images eg payment methods here that are just reduced in size and not optimised

  • trust pilot feed doesn’t work and feels broken

  • the 4 image hero area on many pages doesn’t seem right for mobile

  • blog post preview could be more mobile friendly. Right now the text is just shrunk and squashed in which is hard to read

  • it may be intentionally different to differ between the dark and light background sections but you have inconsistency in top/bottom padding

  • i’d Avoid screenshoting products as it’s misleading and people may think that it’s a dynamic feed

As I said can only see on mobile so might be other stuff on desktop but these are all (small) things that could do with fixing

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Thank you so much for your reply. We did not mention that its PSD already approved. So We fixed those issues and than Submit this item again with mentioned that “PSD Already Approved”.

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there are many issues in your design like spacing issue and font herarchy issues , and you used two much of animation which causes Extra Uses of GPU , so small devices can hang or may be not work . fonts are not smooth . check category in which you want to submit your template and follow their font herarchy and color contrast .