HTML5 Key Giveaway Script / Tool

Greetings CodeCanyon,

I come to you asking for assistance for what seems to be a nonexistent tool for HTML5 Websites. Forgive me if I may have overlooked it, but I would just kindly ask that you point me in the right direction if I have.

I’ll cut right to it. Here is my Website - Team Solidus. -
I’m looking for a Tool / Script that would allow me to distribute Video Game Alpha / Beta codes to my website visitors. The script must work fluidly in an HTML5 environment and be responsive on all browsing formats. Simply put, a beta code giveaway script.

Here is a bullet system of my idea if that helps:

Looking for an HTML5 Script that give unique codes to visitors.


  • Work within my theme (Corsa HTML5 Theme)
  • Give Unique Code Per Visitor (Pref by IP or better method)
  • Be Responsive
  • Ability to run multiple giveaways simultaneously
  • Option to see what codes have been redeemed

If I think of something else, I’ll be sure to add it. But for now, I already feel like that is asking for a lot. :slight_smile:

Also most systems use a login way of distributing codes, but I’d rather just have it so anyone can use it. The only login currently on the site is via the forums. I’d then be asking for a phpbb3 plugin at that point haha >.<

But that is my request, let me know if there is something out there like it, or if someone can help out. Please and Thank You!

Have a wonderful day!

I see you’re replying to a lot of people. I’d like to see a portfolio of some sort and past works / plugins done.

Please share a link. Thanks!