HTML5 game feedback before submitting


So I just finished buliding Whats The Logo? HTML5 game.
I need some feedback before I submitt the game for review.

Any kind of critiscm & tips will be welcomed.Thanks!

Link to game:
(ads arent mine, its because I am using free hosting, sorry for that)


it’s nice but delete publicity in your host …


its nice but i highly doubt whether reviewers accept or not

  1. idea is very old, i played such game on iphone/ipad 2yrs back (you brought some memories back :slight_smile: )
  2. it seems you are console logging everything… i can see everything there which gives no kick in game



Nice to see a HTML5 game app built on Phaser.js!

I am also thinking to develop html5 games. I have questions by the way.

-Any tips on designing good UI & graphics? I have a difficulty in
figuring out how to learn designing of nice UI. If you could kindly
suggest any blogs giving advices on that topic, it would be superb!

  • Have you gotten any good suggestion to keep users’ attention during the Now Loading … screen? I have seen many games, even major ones, lacking nice
    loading screen (some of them often stuck at the loading screen
    without giving any information of why the loading process would not

Thank you for your help!


Thank you!

Now I myself am not such an experienced game developer in Phaser but i have been practicing and have learned a thing or two.

The most important thing to consider while developing games in Phaser is “State Management”.
What you do basically is that you take the game and divide it into different blocks i.e loading, main menu, gameplay & gameover screens and through state managment you control the flow of your game.

Here is a really good article explaining state management:

For the UI:

  • Use images as buttons.Set the width and height of the images
    according to the screen width and height.

button = game.add.sprite(x, y, ‘play’);
button.width =*0.6;
button.height =;

By doing this no matter what the width of screen is, your buttons/images will resize accordingly.

  • If you are using multiple sprites which have same height,width, anchor then use groups.

Group example

  • Kill an un-necassary sprites which you are not using, to increase the performance of the game.

These are some of the small things I learned during my dev in Phaser.
You dont need to be great to start, just keep practicing and you will get a hand of it.


Thank you very much for the invaluable information, maverickc1!