html5 game demo rejection

Hi My Name is waqas i need help, i uploaded html5 game at codecanyon and provide .apk for demo and now my app rejected due to demo not working i just installed in my mobile device it’s working perfectly and demo link also work, now i don’t know where is the problem please anyone can help me?
i think there is .apk issue of i can’t provide .apk demo for html5 then which demo i can use for html5 app ? please help

If it’s an HTML5 app, you should host it in a web server. I believe the reviewers doesn’t have time to install apk files for testing, so they review the docs and video previews instead if any are included in your submission.

Thank’s for your reply please tell me how host it in a web server?

You need to create a demo on Google Play. No one is going to install the .app from another source.

You cannot host it on a web server. It’s not HTML5