Html / Wordpress Partnerships

Hello everyone, it is very stimulating to try to be part of this author community. Iam the owner @ cssNinja. I have more that of a designer background but i also do the coding my self.

Iam able to code Html, css (but i really prefer Sass) and javascript (mostly jQuery but iam learning Vuejs in the background ). I submitted my first item last week and still waiting for the review process to complete. I don’t know if it will be approved but that is not the subject.

Like i said, i can design and code nice Html templates with polished elements, but (as a frontend focused developer) i cannot produce industry standard clean php code. That is why i was wondering if some of you were willing to work with me in the future (if i can get some of my items to be approved, and i hope i will) to convert my templates that do good sales to Wordpress themes.

We would of course need to discuss a financial agreement that is profitable to both.

Please let me know about your experiences, if you’ve already done this in the past, and if it does work and give results. Iam new to all this so your advice and experiences would be very appreciated.

Here is the link to the demo of my first submission (feel free to comment if you want) : Bulkit template

Thanks for your time

Hi, just checked your template, I see great potential there. Could you please contact me via my profile page and write a little about preferred cooperation terms? We can continue our discussion from there, maybe via Skype or other means of communication. Thanks.

Also for html convert.