HTML Video Player and Playlist "BOARD"?

A while ago I bought & installed the “HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins” app for some websites to add a cool multiple video selection row along a bottom panel. I like it very, very much.

Now I’m somewhat interested if there’s another version of a HTML Video Player which may show the video selection over a selection “board” in some way by chance. The reason for this is in some cases if the videos may not categorize in the same way.

If anyone knows of a similar custom HTML Video Player which can show more of a spread option of videos available I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!


Hello John


Let me know what you are looking for


You can try one of these 2 players:




Hi Zoomit,

Is that only applicable as a Wordpress Plugin? It looks nice but I use Adobe Dreamweaver CC…

this might work

@ LamberGroup & Zoomit

Thanks very much for the suggestions. Both of those work nicely. However, they are kind of similar to what I’m already using with the HTML Video Player and Playlist except they have the video listings vertical on the side (rather than horizontal along the bottom).

To be more precise on what I’m looking for, here is an example URL page: The PBS FrontLine Page. I’m not looking to make a whole page exactly like that, but my concept is similar. Even if it could be boxed within a of some sorts…but the idea of a gallery of previews/thumbs with a brief description would give site visitors option to select.

I hope that gives a better understanding of the concept I’m looking for. If you happen to know of a website app that applies I’m all ears.