HTML Theme Hard Rejected - Please Help!

Hi guys,

After much hope for the first HTML theme upload, I received a hard reject notice from Envato today :frowning:

Would anyone be available to have a quick look at the demo and see if there is any reason you might think it was rejected? I’ve been polishing it for the past two months and just can’t see what I got wrong.

Here’s the demo:

Please help guys!

Big thanks to everyone.

Your w3c is wrong please check your other template all demo and fix but your themes is good regards.

Thanks for your feedback! Actual theme HTML as submitted to Themeforest is 100% W3C compliant, this was of course checked prior to submission. The few errors you mentioned are on the landing page only, as the code of our site is still a bit fluid. In any case that wouldn’t have impacted the theme itself, so I am still puzzled as to the reason behind reject (

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Maybe you live demo is wrong code w3c but file is correct valid 100% you as submit themeforest but same is rejected :frowning:

One would think that even if there was a few immaterial W3C errors, they would soft reject it if concept and design are good? But I got a hard reject, which is really disappointing. Any hints on design and variations?

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I think that your design is good but valid w3c is wrong live demo :frowning:, please you wait other author that he know more that I he can help you :slight_smile: regards.

Thank you, appreciate the feedback.

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When you get a hard rejection the first thing to re-check is the design. If you design is bad you get hard rejected. So, to get accepted or a soft rejection you need to do major updates to your design.

###I have some design feedback for your item:

  1. Top bottom height is not equal. Spacing between nav menu items is too big. Reduce font-size. Change the plus icon, its too aggressive.

  2. There are major typography hierarchy issues in your template. The heading needs to be darker. The date needs to be smaller and ligher than the paragraph.(Take some time and learn more about Typography Hierarchy)

  3. My recommendation is to remove the girl background from left side. Makes this view buggy.

  4. At a first check this header text is not perfectly legible:

  5. Burger nav is not aligned(vertically)

  6. Try to add more sections in this template. It is too simple. Pay attention to details. Check all your page for typography hierarchy issues.

Good Luck!

Hi ThemeSLR, and thank you for such an outstandingly detailed feedback! Will go back to the drawing board, and try to relist the item after updating it. Thanks for your help!

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