HTML Theme hard rejected please help

hii guys
yesterday i submit my template on template and today 28-06-2020 mail receive your is template is hard rejected i don’t why it reject it please help link

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Simply, It is so simple to be selling item.For example, when click search button, there is no event while I am waiting opening search modal.If your customer want a html template, I think you must provide real search compenent.

My advice is that give more effort to provide more thing to your potential customer.You dont sell picture on market, your item must be usefull with its good design.

The other issue is color.Your hover colours such as hover media button also faint button colours are not eye-catching because you know, they seem bit rediciolus.

Also your buttons havent a standart hover colors.In other words, hover colours are not same or not in a order.

I think you can look at best seller html template to get idea.I think you select easiest “idea” to try envato submitting insead of make real item to sell.

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With respect, this is way off the mark.

There are issue with design basics throughout esp typography, spacing and hierarchy

There’s nothing original and or premium that couldn’t be found for free online or that has been done before many times

Things could be better optimised on mobile

Having links, blogs etc that don’t go anywhere or do anything feels unfinished and is known to be a pain point for several reviewers


thank you so much for your advice i notes that point and better next time this problem never repeat again… can you give me some example designs you like so i better understand it

Thank you
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thank you so much for advice @charlie4282 can you example what kind of typography, spacing and hierarchy problem is.

You still need to address the missing features, functionality etc. but as examples of the above, (not the only ones) - in the below section the hierarchy and consistency is confused by having at least 5 different styles in such a small amount of content

Likewise is in the footer there’s a lot of different styles and alignment that make it look messy and a bit like it’s based on another file with a few changes made


can you prove some link or template to inspire me to improve my misunderstand or improve my features, hierarchy and consistency mind.