HTML templates re-submission. Feedback needed


We are re-submitting the bundle of 6 Coming soon theme based templates and we made the necessary changes to our templates. Kindly requesting the fellow authors to provide feedback for the same if we have to make further changes, so that our templates should not get rejected again. Thank you


With respect is it just the coming soon landing page?

That looks (on iPad) like a basic page with just a subscribe field on it?.


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Thanks for your interest @charlie4282. Yes, there was an issue with the above links, kindly ignore them. I have worked on the issue and made the necessary changes. I am attaching the new link below, kindly review and give your thoughts. Thank you.

Again with respect, you are miles off the necessary standard.

You need to be considering way more features, unique design, and execution, functionality etc to be able to compete and provide premium value

Take a look at popular items already for sale and you will see the attention to detail and flexibility they entail

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