Html template rejected

Plz Suggest me what is issue in my template


I have saw your design. It is not ready for themeforest. There is no unique ness. totally common design.
You need to improve your item design quality if you want to approved it in themeforest.


hello, sir/madam
thank you for guide me.
but there is some landing page i see same on themeforest which is approved.

That could be old item not newest item

Ok thank you… can you plz send me link of new accepted template.

Hello, sir
We need exact reason of rejection and quality not standard mean?

Can you plz suggest us where is the typo issue, if you can give us some of suggestions of typo issue in this theme. So we can improve it in our next theme.
Plz suggest us.

I see there are too many UPPERCASE texts with huge letter spacing.

How is my fix: