HTML Template Rejected....!!! Please Helps......!!!



Hi, I’m new seller on themeforest marketplace. Here is my first item, that was rejected. How can I make this perfect for themeforest quality??? Please helps…!!! Thanks.


Hi @BootstrapBazaar

I have checked the coming soon template. Never mind so simple design, alignment, spacing, typography, … issues exist.
You have to focus on UI and make with some premium design/features. So please spend some times to check latest trending Items on themeforest.



Thanks for your advice. There have 4 templates please check that & give more advice.






Sorry to be harsh,

But I wouldn’t download this even if it was free. This marketplace requires premium quality items. Please consider my colleague’s @mgscoder suggestion and take the time to go through popular items and best rated items to see what actually sells copies.

Best Regards.


bazar name is not good for you i think at Envato.
your maximum forum post can be removed/disable/hidden our system does not getting well this word Bazar.
you can use your personal name here.


How can I change/use my name???





Always welcome Envato forum.


Now this name is okay???


its looking okay :slight_smile:


I can not post with my problem???


with problem link


Try to post but your domain name is like that BAZAR But no worry i will try to care about that


What’s that???


Try now. :slight_smile:


Its forum system that come authentically check every post that read your domain and stopping



Now okay you can continue :slight_smile:


Thanks!!! I need feedback for me template. Why reject this template