Html template rejected. Need some help with theme link

Hi. This is rejected message:
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Safire - One Page Agency Html Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.


Please give me some advice.
And you think, maybe i should delete this theme and start to new theme or what can i do?

@unlockdesign - @cssninjaStudio - @FWDesign @Dewwater @iqonicdesign @SprukoSoft @mgscoder @OMINIMO @themearabia Please help :slight_smile:


My opinion you have to improve on your item design.Some of area are most of common no uniqueness.Maybe common design is rejection reason.

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I would go for the design, but not the quality because your design looks nice, it would be better if you did what @unlockdesign said, also you have to put a good content generally, for example, you did include the blog grid in the demo and also a single blog post, in that single blog post you have to give some content and a sidebar if you want, your code is clean, and you better go for a unique look like an identity for your website.

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So thanks for your reply. Actually i don’t know this design enough for themeforest in appearance. Thats why i don’t want to wast time this theme. I think it always to be rejected.

Thank you so much for your advice and time. I realized and understand my mistake now in your comment; Single blog and blog post really seems the same. I guess i should add comments, sidebar, and maybe things like author name, image etc. Because of reviewer want from us what clients want to use which sections. The more variety the better. I guess i’m starting to understand.

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:muscle: :muscle: Here You are, Keep The High Spirit

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Any idea what this means still trying to figure it out.

The “Read More” link must work properly (linking to the “” tag location)

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Hi, your design not Envato quality standards. Very basic design. Please check online free download templates once.this time free templates also very high quality standards. Just think incase Envato some times approved low quality design also this case no Sales after approval also no useful to you. Check themeforest many temples 0 sales. This reson users looking for more advanced templates high quality, many features, you can check new design standards online. You can take more time improve design quality & add more different variations more features. Then resubmit. Envato approved 100% quality designs.

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