HTML Template rejected [Elsa]



Hello dear developers,

We recently submitted our first template to Envato. Unfortunately it was rejected, because the quality standard was not reached. To better understand this, we should post a contribution to the forum so that we can get feedback from other authors.

We would be delighted to receive an honest feedback so that we can work in the right places on our template.

Here is the demo of our template:

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards
The Brewed Themes Team


You have minor but still avoidable validation issues

Never a good idea to call a HTML template a theme as i confuses less experienced buyers who will think it is a WP theme

Generally the design feels a bit outdated and need both modernizing and finding more unique features.

There’s various spacing, typography, margins etc. which could do with work

Footer feels a bit messy

There’s more than enough pages - it just feels like an older style much like many that already exist here


Thanks for your feedback. That helps us very much. Let’s get to work!