html template rejected by saying "not a quality standard required" please help


Hi guys,
After submission of my first bootstrap template. My template has been rejected. And got this message from themeforest
“unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,”

Can you help me out What is the problem in this.

Here is demo.

Please help guys!


Numerous things wrong here:

  1. you need to make sure you understand the different between a WordPress theme and a HTML template or else you will have confused buyers

  2. You are an exclusive author so you can’t be offering this on another site (as it currently is) regardless of it being free

  3. I f I can download it for free there then why would someone pay for it here? Is it a free template or a ‘premium’ one?

  4. I assume you have the relevant license to create sites from this UI kit? It’s probably a good idea if you are going to use someone else’s code (even with the right license )to have the decency to remove their name from the code

  5. There is avoidable validation issues in the code

  6. The construction and compilation of the UO elements is not clean/modern enough as it is


Thank you charlie for your valuable suggestion. I have consider your first five point that are not mostly related with template code.

as in 6th point Please suggest I have to improve ui part or have to make clean code.