HTML Template Hard rejection, Need suggestion

I can’t understand why is it hard rejected?



I assume the PSD author followed the right process to tell envato that you have permission to convert the design?

Hopefully, he followed the right way.
But the reviewer mentioned on email “Quality Standard”

They do need to submit a ticket giving permission and then give you that ID to include with the submission

That said quality standards is a hard rejection around bigger things and requiring significant changes.

An approved design does not guarantee approval in other categories and you may need to improve attention to detail and add extra features and functionality

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If i customize or modified and add some new features on it and Can is it possible to again new submit from the beginning.

Hi, i have to visit your demo, i see that is quality standard issue. please improve some sections of your demo regarding visual hierarchy and typography font sizes. hope will be approved after changes.
Regards. :blush:

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