HTML Template, Hard Rejection, any advice

Hello. After a couple of week I develop this template But it has been hard rejected, and I realy don’t know the reason. I will be happy for any suggestion. Thanks.

Typography, margins and spacing need a lot of work.

The grey colours make it look a bit outdated

Does not really make sense to have the mobile nav trigger on desktop view and inactive

The biggest issue is the design and typography needs serious work and modernization

Yes, it’s not ready … here’s how I see your problem:

  • you need to make more sections/features

  • typography

  • header-topbar looks outdated, remove background-color & box-shadow will make better & perhaps you should improve on that

  • remove the border-bottom from the hover menu li, not good with the border-top sub ul

  • space, big issue … everywhere


Thanks for the extended answer. Maybe you refer to examples of typography in web design.

it looks you’re using one font for everything with same ugly grayish color ! start by giving your headlines a bolder font with darker color like #333333 and check themeforest, spend some time there checking out why their themes typography is so beautiful and appealing to the eye