HTML Template Hard rejected

Hello, I have received an rejection on html template. I have been trying since one year and everytime my item is rejected. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what is wrong with this template? Thanks in advance .


The rejection is because your html template does not meet the minimum quality standards to be accepted. That said there are several options you can take a couple of these are:

Learn about design, a great place is (tutsplus)
Hire the services of a designer, there is a lot here (EnvatoStudio)

Keep up the hard work and you will soon have good results.


With respect it is miles off the mark

  • There is no proper styling - just feels like off the shelf bootstrap

  • A lot that can be one to improve mobile optimisation

  • There is a whole nav in the footer which does nothing and suggests non-existent pages (feels very lazy and unfinished)

  • The typography and spacing both need radical rethinking

  • There‚Äôs nothing premium really - if you changed the copy and images then it could be pretty much any category, and should have a greater number of bespoke and premium features and functionality