HTML template got rejected

Hello Guys, I want to know why my Template got rejected. ThemeForest hasn’t sent any mail or message for rejection.
My theme was in review queue but after 3 days it is not showing in dashboard. How can I know is it approved or not.

This is the Template link:-
Click here for template

some problem in Ui

There are three possible outcomes when you submit an item:

  1. Accepted - the item appears in your portfolio
  2. Soft Rejected - the item appears in the “Hidden Items” together with some instructions from the reviewer. You need to fix the issues mentioned by the reviewer and resubmit the item.
  3. Hard Rejected - the item disappears from the dashboard and doesn’t appear in your portfolio or in the “Hidden Items” tab. This means that you will not be able to resubmit it.

To get notified about the submission results you need to enable the Email Notifications. Please go to Settings → Email Settings and enable the “Item Review Notification” box. You’ll get e-mails for your future submissions.

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There are a few possible reasons why your theme was rejected:

  1. In the file you are referencing external sources - example -
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  1. Although this is one page theme, I think it would be useful to at least have a few separate pages (for example a blog layout) since you reference a blog page under blogging records. The same goes for Services.

With regards to item number 1 I might be incorrect that you cannot link like that to an external asset, so someone more experienced can confirm this for you.

Apart from that I think the item looks really nice and as @MrsEnabled has pointed out if your theme is not showing in the dashboard then those will be the reasons why. Good luck


@BoudaThemes thanks of your suggestions, Can you tell me what are the problems in UI ?
Your suggestion is appreciated.

@MrsEnabled thanks for your reply and information, its really important points that you mentioned.
But I want to know what are the errors and problems that TF got hard rejection of my template.

@123Simples yI really appreciated for your view. And yes you are right, this is our mistake according to your first point.
But if we talk about your second point, I think it is your prospective because my template is one page temple so I don’t think to create seperate pages.


Iam affraid this design won’t ever have a chance of being approved. The overall design feels outdated and has issues. The color scheme is disturbing, the typography is weak and there are several spacing and alignment issues. Global aesthetics look poor and it seems there is not enough attention to details. More , there are not enough pages and variations, nothing in here seems premium. I suggest you compare your item withthe latest releases on themeforest.


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