HTML Template feedback.

Hello to all :slight_smile:

It’s been quite some time till my last upload and I want to get back in the game!

I got a hard-reject on my HTML Template and i would appreciate your insight by providing some feedback! Whatever it may be, I’m sure it will help!


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I’m not website developer but I like your template! If I wanted to make my portfolio - I would like something like this :slight_smile:

It looks good!

@FD-Design @ThemeYourWeb Appreciate your thought guys! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I would be glad if anyone could spare some time to point me some hints on improvement.

Anyone could provide some feedback on this template?

Thank you


Would appreciate any feedback!


Recently updated my HTML Template but got hard rejected again.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated:

Link to template:


Not bad at all but this is so overdone already. There are a lot out there and even better than this one. I think the skill needed to publish in the portfolio category is extremely high. Why don’t you try something different like a small niche theme? Thanks.

Thank you very much for your feedback on this! You rock!

I really though my design would be a bit different. Will check other categories as well.

Any more feedback would be appreciated!