HTML Template Approved Twice as Laravel Template on ThemeForest

Hello there,
Recently we noticed that the user “semothemes” of ThemeForest is cheating on the market. They submitted an HTML version template twice which got approved (One of them by the name of HTML, other by the name of Laravel). But the actual thing is two of them is pure HTML. The Laravel version that approved on ThemeForest is NOT a Laravel template; that was also an HTML template.

We’ve reported this violation on Envato Support. Envato replied that they’ll take necessary action, but they didn’t do anything. Is it allowed on ThemeForest? Because as we know, this is completely illegal. They cheating on Envato by providing wrong information & wrong version. One thing we want to mention, this user “semothemes” has done this kind of violation before & when we reported on Envato, they checked & removed their items before.

But this time, Envato didn’t taken any action. It is a very serious issue that needs to be solve. All authors are here on the market sell their best works. But this author ruining not also Envato market’s reputation but also authors reputation. If there any Laravel developer, they’ll realize in just a moment that, this is NOT a Laravel template. If you notice, you can check they remove their comments when we comment this is NOT a Laravel template. We’re attaching the link below to be checked by Laravel developers & also Envato team. Please take a strict action against “semothemes” for continuously repeating the same violation again & again on the market.

Template Link: Mokaki - Laravel NFT Marketplace Template by SemoThemes | ThemeForest

Hi, we have checked this template. This is laravel mix starter template.
He is explained below item description.
Includes files:

  • Laravel mix Files.
    This means not functional html mix Laravel ui only. This is save some time for developers. I hope you are experiencing full functionality application ? I hope you have already purchased ? So you can go to ask refund with genuine request. I hope this is helpful ?