HTML Table with spaces between box

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I am trying to build my quick search box on my profile but I am struggling to get a nice and good looking table. I am currently using the following code to set up my table :

Does anyone has an idea in order to get a table like this one ? :

Many thx.

Sorry apparently the code didn’t appeared, here it is :

  <td><A href="xxx"><img src="xxx" /></a></td>
  <td><A href="xxx"><img src="xxx" /></a></td>

Profile pages/item descriptions don’t support the <table> tag. You need to make your icons in certain way to achieve that layout. I posted a basic explanation of how to do that a while ago here in the forums, here is my post:

Let me know if that makes sense :grinning:

No special code, just normal embedding code. If you put a space between the embedding code of two images <img src="URL"> <img src="URL">, you’ll have a space between the images. But if you want to have a bigger space, then you’ll need to keep a number of transparent pixels at the right or left of each image.

The checkerboard background in the image below represents the transparent pixels. You don’t see the pixels, but they keep the space between the images.



Thanks a lot :slight_smile: last question how do you leave transparent pixel between each box ?

It depends on the software you’re using. What software do you use?

@OsamaSayegh, sorry for my late answer got computer issues… I got it, I’ve worked with my graphic designer and he fixed me this.

Thanks a lot for your wise advices :slight_smile:

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Stunning profile, well done! Glad I could help :smile:

Thx bro :slight_smile: