HTML Strange hard

Hi, today i’ve got hard-rejection on my HTML template.
It’s has massage like this:

Your item doesn’t have a full demo setup and/or the demo URL it’s broken. Unfortunately this is seen as Queue Position Reservation and it won’t be tolerated because this creates review delays. Please resubmit your item once you feel is ready.

  • Please contact Envato Help for further assistance.

What does it mean?
Here demo:

P.s. Maybe this is because of bug i’ve noticed, preloader, sometimes, doesn’t fade out.
Thank you!

Hi there:

  • Your need improvement typography

  • Need add more elements (more work)

  • Need spacing same size top and bottom the section, need all sections

  • Need add more pages.

  • Remember you need valid (w3c) check if error code HTML you will fix it.



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