Html Soft rejection

I cant understand where is the main problem in my template.

i have already frustrated .envato emailed me its not Themeforest quality.
please help me.
thanks in advanced.

  1. What? Where’s the ratio? Padding is also really bad.

  2. Remove hover shadows also padding is bad here too.

  3. Low contrast, remove shadows, bad design, padding issues.

  4. Still padding issues.

  5. Remove hover shadows.

  6. More padding issues (bottom padding mostly)

  7. Remove shadows and better padding still.

  8. This shadow is just wrong. It should be standard.

  9. Responsive team and blog issues.


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I’d add:

  • why have a nav in the footer if the links don’t go anywhere? Just looks unfinished

  • the concept is so overdone and with respect to a higher standard and with more originality on many other items already for sale

  • no blog posts seems lazy

Thanks #dzeriho
I want to know what have to do ?
i mean to say i have to increase or decrease padding??
please response.
Thanks agian.