HTML Slider, ThemeRex template on Hostmonster


I bought the Ester template from ThemeRex, made my edits, and uploaded it to a Hostmonster server. The logo and portfolio images show up fine, but the slider images are not showing at all.

Slider changes were: slider height (from 1100 to 500), background color (so I could reduce the image sizes), timing (from 9 second delay to 2 second), and added 7 slides for a total of 10 slides. The slider images are between 5–20kb (reduced to transparent background and very simple text components).

The slider images are not showing in the live site. Everything works fine when I open the index file from my hard drive and looks fine in Dreamweaver–both in Live view and Preview in browser view. The error list in DW is clear.

The images folder and individual image files are set for Read for User, Group and World and are in the public html folder.

ThemeRex insists that the problem is a server setting issue and Hostmonster insists that it is a code issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to check? Thanks.


Hi there!

If the images are showing up fine on your local environment but not on the live site, it’s likely that the paths of the images (in the “src” attribute) are incorrect. They may currently use absolute path that points to the resource on your machine. For example: “C:\path\to\your\image\image.jpg”. Did you already check that?


This is the reference for the first image of the slider. <img src=“images/your_knowledge.png”

your_knowledge.png is the correct file name. Can you tell me how to check the path ahead of images folder? It is not specified in that line.


I’m sorry, I copied the line codde into my response. I dont’ know why its not showing.

the src reference is images/myimage.png. Is there a way to check that it’s not looking for an incorrect prior path?


Do you mean that the image path is currently something like this?

<img src="your_knowledge.png" alt="" >

If so, the quick fix is that you can just upload the “your_knowledge.png” file to your server, putting it into the same folder of this HTML file. Then the image should show up.

For more info about the relative path, I would recommend this article:

Hope this helps!


The src refers to “images/your_knowledge.png”… and the png files are in the public html/images folder.

I will move the images to the main folder with the index file and change the src to remove the images reference and see if that helps.


I’ll also read that article.