Html site templates rules and standards


Can anyone tell me how to submit Html site template and which rules and quality standards follow that Envato will not reject my Html site template?

Thanks in advance.

There are no official guidelines but:

  • needs to be original (not just another one page portfolio or a re-hack of bootstrap)

  • functional (quality over quantity)

  • adhere to common sense best practices eg no inline styling, decent design execution with typography, etc.

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@charlie4282 Thanks for your reply.

Re-hack of bootstrap??? what does it mean?

There’re some free Bootstrap templates. Some authors download it, change few things, polish the design and submit it as a new item. That’s what he meant


Oh ok, now I know… Thanks @ki-themes

What @ki-themes said.

I’d add - using bootstrap is fine but the styling etc needs to be evident, original and suitable to the project