HTML sales is dead when it was added to Elements.. WP's next?


I really love Envato, i wanna make a good templates for this incredible market, but…

  • WordPress on Envato Elements soon? … Envato Elements don’t have the downloads counter, it’s really strange, low price and unlimited downloads. So It seems to me that incomes of WP authors will be lower at the Envato Elements. I know that this is optional, but I think that it will affect the sale of other authors
  • Our team account got a very low HTML & WP sales on the last 2 weeks, i don’t know why. WP have a really bad sales right now
  • A lot of low quality items in all categories on the last 1 month

just tell me that everything will be ok… I hate office, hate freelancing, i wanna work on ThemeForest with my lovely team