Html product hard rejected

I uploaded my first product and after 5 days of waiting, i got hard rejected

Please review my site and throw at me all the wrongs i did on the site.
Site demo:

I need all the help i can get please!

With respect, the design is very plain and off the shelf without any obvious styling

There are no premium features or functionality e.g. multiple layouts etc.

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Maybe this can help, but it’s a lot of work… First education, then a lot of practices and freelance projects and after like 5-6 years try again! Don’t waste time in between.

Thank you for the honest response

Thank you very much but the thing is, I’ve gone through education, a lot of practice like you said and i have 5 years of experience. Done few freelance work but i think freelance don’t like me. The point is i am ready but i ain’t doing it right. I really wanna do this so if you don’t mind, can you help a brother out please? Recommendations will help a lot