HTML New nice Template Suggestions to change so that I do not get rejected again

Hello guys. Having taken in account what was .Mentioned in my previous topic about the HTML5 I template have now created a new fresh and nice HTML CSS template with more precise subject which is education. You can find a live copy of my work here please: University Website Bootstrap 4.0 SCSS. I am.planning to send this for review can you please suggest any improvemebts or changes you would like to see so that we do not get reheCted again? Many thanks.

This template is all over the internet - on Github and other template sites - what’s the connection to what you have?

I created it by myself using the design only with my own custom DVDs and HTML Code from start to finish. I avoid using ready tested everything is designed from start to finish

So this tutorial (from years ago) created the exact same design, text, images???

Or this Github GitHub - HorridHanu/EduFord-Website: World's Biggest University - (Making website is now one of the easiest thing in the world. you just need to learn the css, javascript and html and you are good to go.)

Or this freelancer Eduford University Website Design | Freelancer

There are numerous more links - aside from this the design is nowhere near ready for envato

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No worries thanks for letting me know. I will not proceed then as it looks like it does not meet your standards