HTML Multipurpose Template

I want to upload my new HTML Theme named as AHIL.

Before uploading i want to take some professionals feedback so my theme get low chances of rejection.

Yours Help will really be appreciated.

Thank you very much all of you in advance.

Kind Regards

I assume you have permission from the elite author who’s design this is to rip it and rename it?

Thank you for your kind response sir, And we dint use any other code sir and design it with our own tags. you can check

You can’t submit other people’s work

It doesn’t matter if that’s a WP theme and yours is HTML - it’s still stealing and all you are doing is wasting your own, reviewers and other authors time

FYI leaving the original items name in it is a bit of a giveaway

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it’s not even a good copy, lots of styling issues… talk about a bad copy

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It’s not even a Theme. HTML products are called Templates, WordPress products are called Themes or Plugins. The naming convention si highly important. It will end up confusing buyers.

To add to this, copying work on Envato Marketplaces will get you permanently disabled.

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