HTML item soft reject for LOCAL COPY OF LIBRARIES:


Reason: LOCAL COPY OF LIBRARIES: please make sure you include and use a local copy of all the files need it for the template to run correctly.

Anyone familiar with the above problem? One of my items got soft rejection due to the above reasons even after submitting all the files properly. If anyone has previous experience I am requesting for help.


It sounds like you a loading some JS library from the external source. Check your template in the Object Inspector via Network tab.

Thanks for your reply.
Please check my

Check the JS/CSS files ( files itself, the coding ) if they’re importing/linking to another source
or it may be the images

I’m using dummy images for uploading files on themeforest so, there is no options to import images from CDN.


The problem may be related to the images as you will need to create empty images for the ZIP that you’re uploading. If you’re linking images to elsewhere, this is probably the rejection reason