html help

I´m trying to make a line like this one below

in my description of items, the “< hr >” command (without spaces) does not work for some reason. I´ve tried and there the hr command works.

Any different command we have to use for lines in our item description?

Try to write three dashes without spaces.

This is a dash: -

And this is effect:

If you put those dashes under text it will look like this senteance.

So you have to separate text and dashes with “enter”.

Yeah, this is strange for me, but that’s how it works :slight_smile:

Thanks, but the problem is that I can´t get the line separated from the text. Do you write something after the 3 dashes or just press enter? Does not work for me with just enter, then the line disappears.

h3 - /h3. In quotes.


Thanks! h3 command works :slight_smile:

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Just enter. Maybe you have somewhere not closed html tag? Check if all tags are closed e.g.

Might be the problem yes, thanks!

Hooray ! I always happy to help! :wink:

Edit: Sorry I don’t saw that you are using another tool, but anyway this is useful and don’t mess up anything :sweat_smile:

Hi Guys,

Many thanks to @baileyherbert I don’t spend time on figure out html codes because I use this nice tool:

Maybe it will be useful for you too! :slight_smile: