HTML Hard Reject

Hi everyone!
First I want to say thanks in advance all who reply to this topic. :slight_smile:
Today I received an e-mail from Envato, was a reply to my HTML Template. Unfortunately it was hard reject.
Can you tell me, please what is your opinion about this hard reject?
The template can be found here:

  • navigation doesnโ€™t work

  • spacing could be improved and allow sections to breath more

  • icons feel low res

  • portfolio lightbox images could be bigger and more prominent

  • generally, you need to work on modernising and fine tuning the design plus finding something a bit more to it in terms of features to stand a chance in such a crowded one page category

Hi. Thanks for your reply charlie4282. I forgot to say, the PSD template was accepted:


I agree with @charlie4282

i can see there are no of issues to be fixed.

here are few screenshots which are maked with red box

In This image Contact us button height is smaller than the other button on side

Here the background icon is out of thebox.

Portfolio Overlay is not correctly aligned.


I fee there is no proper seperation between 2 sections. like some bg change or hr will be good.

Also i feel the whole template should be in container not container-fluid. because this template is not for 100% width.

With some more corrections it will be ready for envato :slight_smile:

Good luck :smiley:

Worth mentioning if you resubmit but unfortunately there is no automatic guarantee when this happens.

I still think you should look to extend functionality and features a bit to bring it up to competitive standards for that category

Thanks to all for your help guys! :slight_smile: I will make the changes and resubmit again. Thanks for your time :wink: