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Please I am new here can anybody show me where the background images are, I have unziped the files and cant find the slider images. Please help

Hi @feespitia,

Envato don’t allow to include original images in the purchased download because of license issue for the image(s). So, authors include placeholder images Instead of original images.

But you can contact the template author and ask them about the source of those images.


I am so sorry like i said its my first time here, How do I contact the author

Please, bear in mind that you may need to purchase/get your own copy for the images as well - they may not be free.

I already bought the product, but don’t seems to understand why some parts are missing

Thank you I know my questions is which folder are responsible for the images

Due to copyright issues, in some cases, the images may not be included to the theme ( You’re buying the theme, not the images )

Contact the theme author and request some help.