HTML/CSS template was hard rejected again

Hi all!
We are trying to publish HTML / CSS landing page template on Themeforest Market since July. During this time there were a few hard rejects and with each of them we are increasingly improved our template. So, community, we really need your help! Please help us to find problems in template :slight_smile:

You can see demo page here:

I can only see it on my phone for now so can’t judge desktop yet but on mobile:

There are inconsistencies in the typography (this will apply to all devices) eg why is etc is nice but the discounted items has completely different type and does not look great.

Header needs to breath more (don’t try to cram too much in)

The video is heavily obscured by the text box (where type again is not ideal) on mobile - maybe drop that box for mobile users?

The how it works section is nicely done

Testimonials/reviews need attention again on typography and also they are very close to the edge of the white area and could benefit from more padding.

Careful not to mix too much flat icons/elements with the prettier cake images as it causes inconsistency in design.

Hope that makes sense - again only viewing on mobile but it’s likely a reviewer would consider this

Ah! i am sorry to say but it doesn’t look premium need to do several improvement, Good Luck anyways!

Thank you very much for answers. I’ll do my best to make template better!