Html Coming soon Rejection

Hello, my friends!
My item was rejected becouse “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. It’s my second item, the first is more simple, that was accepted, i’m a beginner. So, could you help me to understand, what’s wrong with it? I tried it to be minimalistic, so I love such design.
Here it is:

I am sorry to write but the design is bad. Black background, elements not centered. Work on a new design, improve the current website. Add some images.

Best Regards, radekthemes

Sorry to tel but background black, don’t wrong, design is to simple is not proffesional, try to check new models of themes and inspire from them and make other new awesome design.

Also after this , check on mobile, padding spaces to be equal.

Good luck

ok, I’ll work with it!
Thanks for help!