HTML Code errors


I have be using the factory theme for a while, it a nice and beautiful theme but recently i ran my web site through W3C Validator and i noticed a lot of html code errors. please i need help to fix them all.


Hey Victor,

As I can see the results generated by the w3validator are perfectly described for any type of user. This way you can follow all the instructions to fix your website validation.

If you are not familiarized with html you can hire a developer to improve the site for you. You can do this from

Note: I can give you some advices how to fix 1-2 points but I’m not sure, do you need assistance for all the points? In this case you should hire a developer.

Have a great day!

Just out of curiosity why exactly do you need to fix them? HTML errors are very common and don’t impact SEO or anything like that.

@ThemeSLR Sure i’ll like to fix 1 - 2 any help will be appreciated


@thenextsoft I thought that fixing all the errors will help improve my SEO , am i wrong?


W3 validation does not directly impact your ranking. Google does not consider this when crawling your site.

W3 is also debatable in some areas and even certain features will throw up unavoidable errors e.g. iframes etc.

Granted if the site is full of errors because the code is crap then that will mean your rank will be lower but it’s about the errors appearing rather than if the site is valid or not (just google Apple, Skype, even pages on Google themselves and you will see that none of the validate fully.

@charlie4282 thanks for clarifying…

Google does not care about whether your HTML has errors. They don’t validate your HTML, they read your HTML.

As long as the HTML is readable and organized so that the search engine can interpret the information necessary, you won’t see any impacts on ranking.

A site can rank #1 on Google with no HTML at all, just plain text. They care about the text, not the HTML. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.