Html admin template is hard rejected

I have posted a product of mine in themeforest some days ago. I thought this item is good enough for themeforest.
But I have shocked when they rejected my item. They issued this item designs quality is not good.
So guys please give me feedback where need to improve my item.
My template link is as below:


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Hello Bro!

The details that catch my eye are


02: (Use user-friendly colors - Your colors look bad.

03: You used shadow everywhere. (Use only where needed.)

04: Button hover colors are incompatible.

05: You should choose your font well. Also, you should use bold and thin fonts well. These are the main category and should be bold.

06: Please change loader :slight_smile:

In general, you need to improve the colors, fonts and shapes a little.

Health to your hands. :+1: :relaxed:


Thank you very much for your suggestion. We really appreciate the time you took to think about it.
It’s really helpful for me.

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I hope you succeed. Good luck bro. :innocent: