HTML 5 Template hard rejection

I uploaded my template and got rejected in just 15min from uploading time.
I want to know how this occurs,
I added a lot of features in this template and I was relatively sure to get accepted or soft rejection.
template preview : Calto - Personal Portfolio HTML Template (
this is the 6th time I got hard rejected, one time I got soft-rejected and the reviewer asked me to do some modifications and after I modified I got hard rejected.
Each time I upload a new product I focus on the things the big authors tell me for example :
:point_right: Adding white spacing to websites
:point_right: Improving mobile layout
:point_right: Add more than one demo page
I want to know where is the problem, I know I am not a professional and still have a lot to learn but everyday authors upload templates and I found them the same as mine so where is the problem

Hi , i think you have problem in UI fundamentale .you have bad typography and vizual hirachy
and color choises , and i think its very complicated , so make the template simple and clean.

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I agree with @BoudaThemes

The colour, layout, text is all off. Yes you have tried hard and don’t be too dispondent , but it is not right my friend.

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