How's this even possible?

So I’m following this themeforest elite author for past couple of months, and I cannot understand what the heck is going on.

Talking about AncoraThemes

They joined themeforest April 2015, and till today they have 71 themeforest items. Yes, you heard me, 71 items in 19 months. This is FREAKING AWESOME.

BUT, I have a few concerns. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling names or complaining about anything. I just don’t understand and as a new author trying to understand the system.

So, my first concern is, you cannot upload more than one item in a single category right? And we all know about themeforest review times, that’s not a secret. Now please take a look at their portfolio. They have 7 WordPress themes approved in just August 2016. Yes you heard me right again… Even 2 themes in a single day!!

I really cannot understand how you get 2 themes approved in Aug 4th, then another one in 7th, as well as in 7th, 11th, 13th and 20th. Alost same case in every month. Is there any special review process for special authors?

Experts, Please help me understand what is happening there.

P.S: Again it’s just a curious post, no offence for the author AncoraThemes

Being an Elite author in a year is a great thing. But selling over half a million is WTF thing. I really envy them.

@Pressionate I think Elite authors can submit up to 5 items at a time for review. Also, since the implementation of 1 theme at a time rule, review times went down and items are being reviewed in under 2 weeks.

However, your post made me doubt the review times displayed here - are just a sham.

Or may be they are from TRUMP campaign, trying to Make Themeforest Great Again :slight_smile: by making a theme for every niche.

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Ha Ha Ha Ha… You might be right @YDirectionThemes

BTW Time calculation is still not clear to me, maybe I’m too dumb in math

Generally, people who hate Maths love Physics. But they end up not studying it because physics has a sh*t load of math problems. :slight_smile:

They’ve already released 3 themes this month - seems they are from privilege class. :smile:

Hi @Pressionate!

No special review process - however, as Elite authors they are currently able to upload up to 5 items for the review queue.

It’s worth noting that the review upload limits are a fairly recent change though, with the Wordpress category receiving these limits on August 16th. The item approvals you’ve described from August would have been in the queue well before this, as it’s taken some time to get through the backlog of items from before the upload limits were in place.

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they might have 10+ wordpress teams :smiley:
it’s very possible