How you marketing your Music or Sound Effects for getting more sales ???

I want to know from my author mates how they marketing their Music or Sound Effects for getting sales.What is the Process??? Where You marketing your items??

Best Marketing for my opinion this is :
Youtube Channel
Your own web-site
Sound Cloud
And Instagram ā€¦

Just need make it every day , and every day update your profile to look dignified with referals links
And Enjoy)


Thanks @WildLion_Production for Sharing your opinion :slight_smile: :hearts:

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I have a another question to you. Currently Iā€™m Selling Sound Effects, few weeks ago I was submitted a Music.My music has no Composition/Arrangements/Mixing/Mastering errors,but it was rejected and Envato told me that ##This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.## what does it mean ?? and How I increase skill about this topic??. Thanks in Advance @WildLion_Production :slight_smile: :heart:

The reviewers do not give an exact answer , because too many items arrive every day which also need to be checked !
Checking items takes an average of 12 days .
If they explain in every message what errors there ā€¦
It will take more than 40 days ā€¦

Therefore, you can provide your work here and community members help you with useful tips here.

But I want to know any possible answer do you feel when your music was rejected as same case.?? @WildLion_Production ??