How you improve your epic tracks?

Hi there! I’m making a track about 10 days, which still doesn’t sound very good to me. Maybe it is badly mixed. These violins sound very bright and come forward. Sometimes, seems, horns are too loud. I try to fix it and then I hear it only got worse. Lol.
I used various EQs, compressors and other tools on some instruments, wanted to reach a wide sound, but it still didn’t satisfy me :disappointed:

I want you to say how you improve your epic tracks. Any critique, advices, tips & tricks about epic/cinematic music could be helpful. Thanks a lot for that!


Definitely the violins are too loud, other things I hear is that you don’t have too much bass frequencies to compensate (or is set too low in the mix) like cellos, basses, bass drum, low percussion, etc…so everything sounds a bit harsh…

Also from 0:58 onwards the violins sound like a “machine”, the programming is not natural IMHO.

Hope it helps.


Thank you so much!
I’ll try to fix it. Your words was very helpful! :slight_smile:

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I think you have some good elements in here. I agree with Sonicbyte that the very quick string movements in the second half don’t sound great. I think you are on the right track.

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Hi SpinBeats! How are you!

I understand what you wanted to do. The fact is that for stringed instruments (and others as well) there is a lack of layering.
Also, violin solos sound like the only ones on the mix, you need to have other parts as well, but in the background, this will add bulkiness to your mix.
violins sound very close and sharp, first of all you need to make a start from the fact that this is background music and it should not distract the listener so much. The construction of the track itself and the idea is good, but you need to think about the implementation (in my opinion).
There are also frequency conflicts of instruments, you need to work on mixing the track.

All the best! Good luck.

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@mstay, @SmartSounds

Thank you very much for feedback! I didn’t listen the track about a week, now it sounds strange to me :slight_smile: Thanks to SmartSounds for detailed helpful advices. Now I realized my issues. I’ll keep it in mind!