How you can became Team Reviewer at Envato?

Hello dear friends,

I am just curious how you can became a member of Envato group ? :slight_smile:

thank for your time :slight_smile:

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It’s not an easy job and even less easy to become one.

Reviewers get trained on the process but there is an assumed experience and skill set to get there.

  1. extensive (demonstratable, proper, working) experience and expert knowledge of whatever area you are reviewing e.g. WordPress, PSD design, video etc.

Bear in mind reviewers not only play guardian to envato standards but will be checking files from the biggest and best on the whole marketplace from all over the world - it takes a huge amount of credibility and experience to be able to critique and judge authors of that level.

  1. again extensive knowledge and experience of the envato marketplaces. This doesn’t mean you need to be a top selling author but that you need to be able to understand what makes files meet standards, if they fill a gap, what makes them popular or sell compared to what’s out there already, marketplace rules and so on.